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Medicaid vs the VA Pension

Planning for long-term care can be an intimidating process, especially when it comes to decoding the specifics of resources, like Medicaid and Veterans Pensions. Working with the help of an experienced elder law planning attorney allows people to prepare for the future and save time, money and stress.

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Families Can Now Appeal VA Benefits Decision

Veterans Affairs officials are overhauling their application process for caregiver benefits, while simultaneously fighting a court ruling that would force them to allow a legal review for individuals rejected for the program.

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New Symptoms of the Virus

Veteran’s caregivers eligible for vaccine

Tens of thousands of caregivers providing critical medical support to disabled veterans will be eligible to receive coronavirus vaccine doses soon under a new policy announced by the Department of Veterans Affairs this week.

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How Do I Find the Elder Law Attorney for Me?

Finding and elder law attorney is as easy as googling, “elder law attorney near me.” Anyone can find an elderly law attorney but finding the right one is where things get a tad difficult. If you want your elder law case to be in the right hands, then you might have to do a bit of digging.

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How to Take Control of the High Cost of Nursing Home Care

Nursing homes are expensive. Whether you’re looking at long-term care insurance well in advance of needing care or you’re visiting with the nursing home admissions office to move your elderly mother into her room tomorrow, you know that the out-of-pocket costs for nursing home care can quickly reach five digits. Paying $60,000 per year is not only likely, but it’s almost guaranteed. In the face of numbers like this, it’s only natural to despair. But you don’t have to feel lost as you face down the looming nursing home crisis. [Read More]

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High Five: 5 Ways to Pay for the Nursing Home

Nursing home care is expensive, and it’s not going to get better any time soon. With the 2014 average cost of nursing home care reaching $169 per day in Iowa, 70% of people reaching age 65 this year can expect to pay about $123,370-$141,115 (or more!) for their end of life care. The question becomes, how do you pay for an expense that huge? [Read More]

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