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The Proper Approach to Trust Administration

There is a certain amount of responsibility that goes along with wills or trust administration in Iowa. For this reason, it is vital to choose someone very trustworthy to take on this important role. While some individuals will likely see it as an honor to be chosen, it can also be quite a burden, so it is highly recommended that the potential trustee be contacted in advance and asked if he or she is willing and able to take on the role.[Read More]

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Estate Planning for Single Parents

Single parents tend to work hard for their children. Every day it falls to the single parent to provide just about everything for his or her children, and with 13 million single parent households in the US, there are a whole lot of folks doing their best to provide everything their children need today. So it’s no wonder that those in Northwest Iowa want to protect the children they would leave behind should they be killed or become incapacitated. [Read More]

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FAQ: Which Business Entity Should I Choose?

Starting your own business can be a daunting prospect, filled with decisions ranging from whether you should have a storefront to how much you should pay employees. You’ll need insurance of many colors, an attractive logo. You’re hoping for a big splash and wild success. But you may have forgotten one very important choice: which business entity will you use? [Read More]

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Who Really Needs a Business Lawyer?

To the average person, the term “business lawyer” or “corporate lawyer” may sound like something that only exists on Wall Street. In reality, though, nearly every business in Northwest Iowa can and should use the services of a good business lawyer. This means large and small businesses alike. [Read More]

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Do You Know How to Manage Your Inheritance?

Receiving an inheritance is both an honor and a responsibility, and Northwest Iowa probate and trust administration lawyers constantly see individuals who are just not ready to take that on appropriately. The temptation to simply spend away an inheritance as “bonus” money can be strong, but there are a whole lot of very practical means by which to manage the funds for your own future. [Read More]

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