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The Great Medicaid Planning Hoax

According to, 28% of people aren’t planning for future nursing home care because long-term care costs are so high, and 45% of people simply don’t know how to plan. My own experience with both advisors and clients reflects this. As a long-term care planning attorney, this is concerning to me: there are many, many options for planning for future long-term care needs, but people don’t know they exist! This is a significant problem, but there’s a solution available if we know why the problem exists. [Read More]

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Watch Your Language: Equity Value

Domicile – the place a person calls “home” – can have a significant impact on Medicaid eligibility and what benefits are available to help with long-term care.

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Watch Your Language: Trust

One of the most common questions I hear during our Mutual Interviews is, “Do I need a trust?” And the typical lawyer answer is, “It depends.” In order to answer that question, we need to start by defining what a trust actually is. [Read More]

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Watch Your Language: Asset

In the Medicaid world, the term “asset” is used when discussing Medicaid’s transfer penalty rules. As a result, “asset” includes both income and resources. [Read More]

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Watch Your Language: Spenddown

When a Medicaid applicant is married, the rules allow their spouse to retain a minimum amount of assets and income. We’ve already talked about the community spouse resource allowance (CSRA); the minimum income level is called the minimum monthly maintenance needs allowance (MMMNA). [Read More]

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