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The Procrastinator’s Estate Planning Checklist

Nobody likes to think about dying. However, it happens whether we prepare for it or not.  If you don’t do some advance planning, it can cause even more longer lasting pain and grief, not to mention money and strained relations for your loved ones.

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High Five: Geckos and Trust Administration

Geckos are amazing and resilient creatures. They can climb up vertical surfaces. Some geckos can fly. If you cut off a gecko’s tail, they’ll grow it back. These five tips for making an estate or trust administration go smoothly create the acronym ‘GECKO’. So, keeping the amazing lizard in mind, read on for some helpful advice on how to ease the process of estate or trust administration. [Read More]

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What Important Dates Does a Retiree Need to Circle?

The start of a new year—and a new decade, to boot—is a great time to assess your financial situation and look ahead. You’ll want to consider moves for the long term, but it’s also critical to pay attention to the details in the short-term, so you don’t miss an important deadline.

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101 Death Hacks [Part Five]

Welcome to our fifth and final part of our 101 Death Hacks. Keeping it Current Update your fiduciaries’ contact information every time their information changes

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101 Death Hacks [Part One]

Everyone loves ‘hacks’. From party hacks to Halloween costume hacks to garage organization hacks, if you want to simplify a project or task you can do a quick Google search or pay a visit to the Lifehacker website to find ways to effectively shortcut a complicated job. Why should that be any different for estate planning? Well, a DIY will is probably going to create more problems than it solves, but you can still simplify the estate planning process. Check out this first post in our five-part series to learn how. [Read More]

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What Does a Probate Lawyer Do?

It is a great idea to hire a probate lawyer before you actually “need” his or her services so things can go as smoothly as possible when it comes to taking an estate through the probate process. Unfortunately, that’s not always how it works. Oftentimes, a person isn’t even aware of what a probate lawyer in Northwest Iowa does until he or she is in need of one. It’s very common to go looking for a probate lawyer in Northwest Iowa once a loved one has passed and help is needed immediately. [Read More]

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I Digress: Resolutions, Productivity, and Giving Back

An essential part of business success is the development of achievable goals and implementing them, often on a schedule. So, even though I don’t need the new year in order to start or change a habit, I’ve settled on two main goals for The Huizenga Law Firm in 2015: increased productivity and increased giving. [Read More]

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