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High Five: The Zen Guide to Planning for a Nursing Home Stay

If you’re dealing with a nursing home, it will quickly become clear that the options for paying the care bill are dizzying. Paying out of pocket is cost prohibitive. Long-term care insurance is probably not workable. For many, that leaves Medicaid, but those rules are spread over hundreds of pages of federal and state statutes, regulations, and policy manuals. What you need is an oasis from the stress, not the exponentially increasing stress that comes from trying to make sense of all those rules. Don’t despair. You can achieve calm in this whirlwind. Follow these five steps and you’ll soon find that the zen of nursing home planning is easily reached. [Read More]

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Nursing Home Workers vs Medicaid Experts

At an average of $180 per day in Iowa, paying $60,000 per year for a nursing home is not only likely, but it’s almost guaranteed. Staring that number in the face can make your stress level rise pretty quickly. So, you ask the nursing home social worker for information about applying for Medicaid. Unfortunately, nursing homes are being put in a position where they simply can’t talk to their patients about Medicaid eligibility planning. As a result, there are a few things the nursing home social worker may not tell you. [Read More]

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Legal Concerns for Caregivers

Elder lawyers in Northwest Iowa work not just with older clients, but also with their caregivers. Unfortunately, there are some legal issues which arise – caused by people who see the elderly as targets or victims – and often the caregiver is left to pick up the pieces.
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High Five: Where Will the Children Go?

Obviously the choice of a guardian for minor children can be an emotional one. Your children are precious, and your options are limited. But not deciding ahead of time could result in a judge—who doesn’t know you or your kids—choosing the guardian for you. [Read More]

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