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Standard Planning Packages

Though everyone needs long-term care planning of some kind, every long-term care plan we prepare is unique from the one before it. Not every client needs the same amount or level of services. That's why we offer three planning packages, each with different features, to provide you with only the planning options you need. Each of the following packages is offered at a flat fee and adds features to the one below it, meaning you only pay for the services you need, and you know up front how much those services will cost.

Basic Package

Services provided within our trademark painless planning process, including:

  • Mutual Interview
  • Planning Meeting
  • Preparation of Medicaid Application
  • Application Maintenance
  • Communications with DHS
  • Phone conferences to review DHS communications

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Preservation Package

Includes all of the features of the Basic Package, plus:

  • Build-out of Preservation Tools by our office
    • powers of attorney, annuities, caregiver agreements, and more
  • Plan implementation by our office
  • In-person meetings to review DHS communications
  • One year of Continuous Client Care

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Legacy Package

Includes Basic and Preservation package features, plus:

  • Family meeting and interviews
  • Build out of necessary Legacy Documents
    • will(s)
    • revocable living trust(s)
    • supplemental needs trust
    • Medicaid Asset Protection Trust
  • Administrative appeal + hearing

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Painless Planning Process TM

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Starting with your first contact with our office, we're hard at work to make your planning as painless as possible. At our first meeting, we'll help you get comfortable with us, both personally and professionally. Then, rather than overwhelm you with technical information or expect you to have everything we need to advise you, we'll answer your questions and talk about how we can help you eliminate the financial stress that comes with nursing home care.
Planning Meeting
Planning MeetingIf you (1) engage us at the Mutual Interview, we’ll (2) help you gather and organize your financial information. After we've (3) analyzed your assets and income in the context of the Medicaid eligibility rules, we'll (4) prepare a Comprehensive Analysis and Strategy Letter (CASL), complete with a list of our recommended planning tools and a synopsis of the Medicaid rules that are applicable to you. At the Planning Meeting we'll look at your CASL together and develop a timeline for Building and Implementing the plan.
The Building the Plan phase is a series of internal meetings and actions by our staff. After the Planning Meeting, (5) we'll help you set up a system to keep your financial records at our office up to date. As we prepare for Implementation, (6) we'll put together instructions for reallocating assets, (7) draft the legal documents needed to implement the plan, and (8) prepare the Medicaid application and compile the packet of information needed to process that application. The timing of each task is based on the timeline from the Planning Meeting.
Building the Plan
Implementation Meeting
Implementing the Plan means (9) getting your signature(s) on documents through one or more meetings. (10) We'll help you set up any needed new accounts, and, when the time comes, we’ll (11) submit your application(s) to Medicaid and (12) communicate with the Department of Human Services on your behalf until you receive an eligibility determination on that application.
Whether we’ve successfully applied for Medicaid on your behalf or set up a trust in advance of that application, you need confidence that your plan will hold up. We give you that confidence by (13) helping set up the accounts you need after becoming eligible and (14) advising you in advance about how to handle changes. We have a final (15) Eligibility Meeting with you and (16) give you a chance to join our Continuous Client Care program.

Farm Preservation Package

In our community, farmland is often the foundation on which a family is built. If you're a farmer, it's likely that you inherited some part of the land you farm, and it's even more likely that the farmland is an integral part of your personal legacy. We know how important that farm legacy is, often passing from great-grandfather down through the generations to great-grandson or great-granddaughter. That's why we've developed a special long-term care planning package that addresses the unique needs of farmers and farm families.

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