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Painless Planning Process TM

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Mutual InterviewFrom your first contact with us, we’re working to make planning as painless as possible by helping you get comfortable with us, both personally and professionally. At the Mutual Interview, we’ll get to know each other, review your financial information, and talk about your needs and your family’s needs. We’ll review our Painless Planning roadmap to a well-designed plan, and answer all your questions.

Mutual Interview
Planning Meeting
Planning MeetingIf you decide to engage us, we’ll prepare and mail you a proposal which recaps the highlights of our Mutual Interview, lists the tools we recommend for use in your estate plan, and provides an itemization of our fixed fees. At the Planning Meeting, we’ll show you a visual presentation of your plan and ask you a variety of planning questions designed to finely hone your plan to match your goals.
Review and SignWith your planning decisions in hand, we’ll take the time needed to draft and customize each document in your estate plan. When you return to our office to Review and Sign your estate plan, we’ll review each planning document with you to ensure they do what you intended. If any changes are necessary, we’ll rinse and repeat until we get them exactly right. Our ultimate goal is always to achieve your ultimate goals.
Review and Sign
Funding Meeting
Funding MeetingFor our clients whose estate plans are built on a will, the planning process is typically complete once the documents are signed. However, for clients who use revocable living trusts to anchor their estate plan, the Funding Meeting is equally as important as the signed documents. Using the information you provided to us in the first three meetings, we’ll help you transition your assets into and through your trust.
Family Care MeetingEvery step of our Painless Planning Process is designed around one thing: communication. The Family Care Meeting takes that communication to an entirely new level. With this optional final step in creating your estate plan, we offer you a facility and a moderator to communicate both the specifics of each document and the goals and reasons behind those specifics. Because, for your family, forewarned is forearmed.
Family Care Meeting

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