Northwest Iowa Long-Term Care Planning

SERVING Orange City Area FAMILIES and Farmers

Elder_Law_Planning_Orange_City_IowaAs we grow older, our healthcare and financial needs change. So, at Huizenga Law Firm, our legal team has two goals:

First, we want to make sure you have a plan in place to meet those changing needs. That means helping you make a plan to prevent the loss of your home or life’s savings if you need significant long-term care in the future.

Second, our experienced Northwest Iowa long-term care planning professionals want to make the transition from independent living to in-home assistance or nursing home care as smooth and easy as possible.

We can’t stop the aging process. But, with proper long-term care planning through our LegacyGuardTM process, Attorney Ethan Huizenga can make it an easier transition for you and your loved ones.

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From your first contact with Huizenga Law Firm, we’re working to make long-term care planning as painless as possible by helping you get comfortable with us, both personally and professionally. At the Mutual Interview, the most important thing is for you to get answers to your questions. We’ll get to know each other, review your financial information, and talk about your needs and your family’s needs. Then we’ll end by reviewing our roadmap to a well-designed plan.


If you decide to engage Huizenga Law Firm, we’ll prepare and mail you a proposal which recaps the highlights of our Mutual Interview, lists the tools we recommend for use in your Northwest Iowa long-term care estate plan, and provides an itemization of our fixed prices. At the Design Meeting, we’ll show you a visual presentation of your plan and ask you a variety of design questions designed to finely hone your plan to match your goals.


With your design decisions in hand, we’ll take the time needed to draft and customize each document in your estate plan. When you return to our office to sign your documents, our legal team will review each document with you to ensure the estate plan works as you intended. Then, because your plan and your assets need to work together, we’ll also help you align your assets with your plan documents.


When you create a plan with Huizenga Law Firm, you get all the benefits of our LegacyGuardTM Program for the rest of the planning year, starting with a Family Care Meeting. At the Family Care Meeting, our legal team will review your plan with your kids and advisors, discussing details like who is named as executor or trustee, what will happen with your assets, and, most importantly, how your plan reflects your goals.


Now that your assets and your estate plan documents are aligned with your goals, it’s important to make sure they stay aligned. That’s why our law firm offers you a variety of benefits through our LegacyGuardTM Program. As a member, you’ll keep your client portal, have access to our legal team for any questions or clerical changes to your plan, and we’ll work with you, your family, and your other advisors to keep your documents and your assets aligned with your goals.


In our community, farmland is often the foundation on which a family is built. If you’re a farmer, it’s likely that you inherited some part of the land you farm, and it’s even more likely that the farmland is an integral part of your personal legacy. Attorney Ethan Huizenga knows how important that farm legacy is, often passing from great-grandfather down through the generations to great-grandson or great-granddaughter. That’s why we’ve developed a special long-term care planning package that addresses the unique needs of farmers and farm families.