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Why Work with a Special Needs Planning Attorney?

Parents of children with special needs in Northwest Iowa face a whole extra set of challenges in addition to those of other parents. On top of physical therapy, occupational therapy, IEPs, and any of a million other details, these parents face additional planning needs. That’s where a special needs planning attorney in Northwest Iowa can make a huge difference in these parents’ peace of mind. [Read More]

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Considerations for Iowa Special Needs Planning

Families who have members with special needs have a variety of concerns that most of the population don’t deal with on a regular basis. Whether you’re traveling to occupational therapy appointments, choosing the most effective medical devices, or contemplating whether to “mainstream” your special needs child, there are so many parts and pieces to keep in mind. For that very reason, you may not have even considered the need to meet with a special needs planning lawyer in Northwest Iowa. [Read More]

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Legal Concerns for Caregivers

Elder lawyers in Northwest Iowa work not just with older clients, but also with their caregivers. Unfortunately, there are some legal issues which arise – caused by people who see the elderly as targets or victims – and often the caregiver is left to pick up the pieces.
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