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Why a Special Needs Planning Attorney?

Parents of children with special needs in Northwest Iowa face a whole extra set of challenges in addition to those of other parents. On top of physical therapy, occupational therapy, IEPs, and any of a million other details, these parents face additional planning needs. That’s where a special needs planning attorney in Northwest Iowa can make a huge difference in these parents’ peace of mind. [Read More]

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FAQ: How Do You Treat Children Fairly in Estate Planning?

Wills and trusts lawyers in Northwest Iowa see just about every circumstance that can result from a parent’s death. Some siblings handle the will or trust administration gracefully and with dignity while others turn to squabbling and pettiness. When we work with our clients, they are often very concerned about how to treat their children equally when setting up their wills and trusts. [Read More]

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FAQ: Which Business Entity Should I Choose?

Starting your own business can be a daunting prospect, filled with decisions ranging from whether you should have a storefront to how much you should pay employees. You’ll need insurance of many colors, an attractive logo. You’re hoping for a big splash and wild success. But you may have forgotten one very important choice: which business entity will you use? [Read More]

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FAQ: What is a Personal Representative?

The person whom Northwest Iowa trust and estates attorneys have long referred to as the “executor” when managing your estate also has an alternative name. Known as the “personal representative”, this person is appointed by either the person doing the estate planning or by the courts when there was no one named in a will. The personal representative has a very big job of finishing up the decedent’s business, such as taking care of taxes and keeping the bills paid; not to mention the much more commonly recognized job of making sure the decedent’s wishes are followed when it comes to distributing assets. [Read More]

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FAQ: What Happens If I Outlive an Heir?

Choosing children as heirs to your inheritance makes sense. After all, most people want their life’s hard work to go toward the betterment of their children’s lives. Due to age differences, children will usually outlive their parents, as well. But, what happens when you outlive an heir? What becomes of the inheritance you wanted to be passed on to him or her?[Read More]

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