Paige Toft

Northwest Iowa Elder Law and Estate Planning Legal Executive Assistant

Paige joined the Huizenga Law Firm in April of 2022 as the Legal Executive Assistant/Paralegal.  Paige primarily works side by side with Ethan, attending meetings, taking detailed notes, and drafting documents.  Paige brings a high level of energy, motivation, and critical thinking to the team!

What connects me personally to an estate planning firm?  Well, my mom passed away unexpectedly in 2008 at age 34, leaving behind a son and two daughters – we were all under the age of fifteen.  Due to my mom not having a Will or an Estate Plan it left the family very stressed trying to figure out all her finances and unable to save things from creditors.  She also did not have a Will to specify who the guardians of her children would be in the event she passes away – which also, unfortunately, left the family stressed and emotional. 

My mom didn’t have much, but not much is still worth protecting.  My mom was not sick, an elder, or expecting to lose her life, therefore implementing a Will at 34 wasn’t a crucial task on her to-do list.  Having an Estate Plan, including a Will, established would have saved a lot of stress and hurt feelings between the family.

So, now is the time for you to take action! I want you to forget you’re even visiting a lawyer’s office.  We’re just going to enjoy getting to know each other and understand your needs while I document it to help Ethan create your own unique Estate Plan. 

Come to think of it… Hey Ethan, I have two little girls, I need a Will drafted up ASAP!