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Watch Your Language: MMMNA

The Medicaid rules are designed to maintain a minimum standard of living for both spouses.

When a Medicaid applicant is married, the rules allow their spouse to retain a minimum amount of assets and income. We’ve already talked about the community spouse resource allowance (CSRA); the minimum income level is called the minimum monthly maintenance needs allowance (MMMNA).

In Iowa, the 2016-2017 MMMNA is a flat amount: $2,980.50*. This amount is reevaluated every year.

It’s important to remember that the MMMNA is the minimum amount reserved for the community spouse. If the community spouse receives more than $2,980.50 in income each month, they can keep every dollar of that income. There is no negative consequence to the applicant.

If the combined amount of both spouse’s income does not rise to the level of the MMMNA, it may be possible to have more resources added to the CSRA

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The amount added to the CSRA depends on the amount of the asset attribution and the total amount of the couple’s income. And, unfortunately, an appeal is necessary to obtain this resource allocation.

If you are confused about your income rights, we can help! Schedule a Mutual Interview with Ethan by calling (712) 737-3885 and get started with our Painless Planning Process. We’ll give you the answers you need to eliminate the worry and confusion of supporting yourself and your spouse during a nursing home stay.

*This is the 2016-2017 MMMNA amount.

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