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We get our clients as excited about their planning as we are by focusing on ideal outcomes. We take care of the legal concerns so you can take care of the human ones. Supporting charities. Protecting children. Leaving a legacy. By focusing on your entire Succession Planning Experience, we build a long-term relationship with you to help you accomplish more with your planning than you ever thought possible. All because…

Your Planning is Our Passion

Estate Planning

Leave a powerful legacy focused on your wishes.

Our flat-fee system allows you to stop worrying about cost and start thinking about the outcome of your planning. We can help create or update your estate plan with revocable living trusts, wills, durable financial powers of attorney, healthcare powers of attorney, living wills, trust amendments and restatements, codicils, and more. Click the icon above or the link below to find out more about our goal-oriented planning and our trademark Family Succession Planning Process.

Flat fees starting at $50

Long-Term Care Planning

Planning with wisdom; practicing stewardship; pursuing peace.

We live in uncertain times. Whether you want to plan for your retirement, account for the eventuality of long-term care, or provide for a spouse or parent, long-term care planning can help you find peace of mind with your finances. You don't need to spend your life savings on a nursing home. Our Long-Term Care Planning Process can help you design a plan that preserves your assets for as long as we can while avoiding Estate Recovery to the extent possible. Click the icon or the link to learn more.

Individualized flat fee packages

Probate & Trust Administration

Take care of yourself. We'll take care of the rest.

Adjusting to the loss of a loved one is difficult and often emotionally exhausting. With your emotions draining your energy, it can be a struggle to focus on your own affairs, so working through the legalities of managing your loved one’s estate might seem impossible. We seek to ease as much of that burden as possible with our Generation Transition Process. Click to learn how we can help you navigate the complexities of probate or trust administration.

Flat fees starting at $200

Continuous Client Care

Building strong relationships to create stronger plans.

We believe strong relationships result in stronger plans. We also believe working together to support a common cause is a vital piece of every relationship. That’s why, at its core, Continuous Client Care is a program where we seek to develop a relationship with you that will both maintain your succession planning and provide you with an opportunity for personal growth, wherever that growth might lead you. Click the icon to learn more about our unique approach.

$600 annual fee (2013-2015)

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2015-08-25 stressed lady with files (480x320)

Many people believe that they’ve protected their house/retirement/savings by adding a child to the title or creating a life estate. If you’re planning ahead for the cost of your long-term care, the nursing home’s not the one you need to worry about. It’s not Medicaid, either. Not really. The monster in the closet, the creature under the bed is the state Estate Recovery Program. For many people – including most lawyers – Estate Recovery is something straight out of their financial nightmares. [Read More]

At an average of $180 per day in Iowa, paying $60,000 per year for a nursing home is not only likely, but it's almost guaranteed. Staring that number in the face can make your stress level rise pretty quickly. So, you ask the nursing home social worker for information about applying for Medicaid. Unfortunately, nursing homes are being put in a position where they simply can’t talk to their patients about Medicaid eligibility planning. As a result, there are a few things the nursing home social worker may not tell you. [Read More]

2015-08-11 piggy bank + calculator (480x320)

Nursing homes are expensive. Whether you're looking at long-term care insurance well in advance of needing care or you're visiting with the nursing home admissions office to move your elderly mother into her room tomorrow, you know that the out-of-pocket costs for nursing home care can quickly reach five digits. Paying $60,000 per year is not only likely, but it's almost guaranteed. In the face of numbers like this, it's only natural to despair. But you don’t have to feel lost as you face down the looming nursing home crisis. [Read More]

2015-08-04 Metal Case (480x320)

According to, 28% of people aren’t planning for future nursing home care because long-term care costs are so high, and 45% of people simply don’t know how to plan. My own experience with both advisors and clients reflects this. As a long-term care planning attorney, this is concerning to me: there are many, many options for planning for future long-term care needs, but people don’t know they exist! This is a significant problem, but there’s a solution available if we know why the problem exists. [Read More]

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